Getting accurate data on food waste, be it at the business level or the national level, is very difficult. The current best estimates for Ireland suggest that there are about 750,000 tonnes of organic waste generated by businesses annually. Of this, over 300,000 comes from commercial businesses (e.g. food retail, hotels, food wholesale, hospitals, restaurants, etc.) with over 400,000 tonnes generated by the industrial food producing sector.

This is obviously a lot of waste but when thinking about the cost of this food waste, most businesses think just about the disposal costs. Disposal costs actually represent only a small fraction of the “true” cost of food waste. It has been estimated that each tonne of food waste can cost between €2,000 – €5,000 – sometimes less, often times more.

This cost of food waste varies but includes the cost to buy, cost to cook (or process), cost to manage (serve, cool, package) and then the cost of disposal. While often seen as the inevitable consequence of modern business and the services that are provided, the current level of food waste is bad for businesses, bad for the environment and on a larger scale, bad for humanity.

The solution to this waste of money for your business is to prevent food waste. To do this you must first identify where and why the food waste is being generated, and use this information to come up with specific solutions to prevent this waste. In this section of the website we aim to provide can you with the information to do this. While mainly aimed at commercial businesses (e.g. restaurants, shops, canteens, hotels, hospitals, etc.) the same general principal can be applied to any food waste producing business. If you would like more information, assistance or would like to discuss work in your business please contact us.